The Meghan Collection

The fashion bug bit very early in my life. My mother has always been incredibly stylish and interested in beautiful clothes and shoes. As a child I would spend hours drawing fashion - in fact, I really learned to draw by trying to copy the fashion figures from a few old SIMPLICITY pattern books that my mom had picked up for a buck a piece at the haberdasher. I loved designing - so much so that my parents expected me to go into fashion design as a career. Although I didn’t pursue fashion, drawing fashion and the fashion figure has remained one of my favorite things to do. I also happen to be a Royalist, kind of obsessed with the royal family - especially Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. After launching Brazzlebird, my fashion fingers started to itch and once I could put it off no longer, I started the Meghan Fashion Doll project - creating a Meghan Markle ‘doll’ base and paint all of Meghan’s STUNNING outfits as a series.

This will continue to be one of my favorite things to do - I have a two page list of favorite Meghan looks to illustrate but for now, the start of the collection!

Meghan Finished Givenchy Wedding Dress.jpg