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Be Brave. Be Bright. Be Bold.

I'm Tina Braz and I love to paint pretty things and make people happy.

Looking for sleek and serene line silhouettes to hang in the living room? Perhaps a bespoke wedding stationery suite that captures the details of your love story? How about the thoughtful gift for a best friend or bridesmaid that reflects their favorite things? Maybe you just need the finishing touch for a gallery wall? Did you just find out you're going to be adding a new member to the family and want to shout it from the rooftops? I love doing it all! I can't wait to work with you to create the perfect picture. 


How Brazzlebird started

I've always loved to draw but in 2015, after a FAILED Pinterest DIY attempt, I discovered a passion for watercolor painting. It started slowly with my (then) boyfriend's fun requests like "T-Rex in a Top Hat".

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In 2016, I registered on and started an ongoing commission relationship with a delightful family in Belgium whose three children have kept me busy with flamingo and fox baby announcements, wolf father's day cards and lion, giraffe and flamingo birthday stationery.

And then when I  was planning my wedding in 2017, I did this insane thing some brides do and decided I had to hand paint every piece of stationery from our invitation suite to our welcome signs, table names, and individual place cards.

Once friends and family saw what I had done for my own wedding and the characters I'd created for my 'Medicis' (my husband's nickname for my Belgian friends), requests rolled in for projects from a New York "Everything Bagel" post-wedding brunch invitation, to an Elephant birthday card inspired by a childhood stuffed animal "Mr Elephant".  I realized that not only did I love doing this, people loved what I was doing. Working with clients to create the 'perfect picture' is by far my favorite thing to do.

So, with the support of my incredible (now) husband, family and friends, I decided to take a sabbatical from my career as a commercial and branded content producer in New York and focus my attention on making art that puts a smile on peoples' faces. Opening an Etsy store and growing my commissions client base has been a dream for a long time and it's finally coming true.

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More About Me.

I grew up in Durban, South Africa and did my undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town in Screenwriting. I then emigrated with my family to the USA and completed my MFA in Creative Producing at Columbia University. I moved back to Cape Town to be with my then-boyfriend, Greg for a year before taking up a full time position as a branded content producer at Vox Media in New York. I was at Vox for two years before taking the leap of starting Brazzlebird!

I am wedding obsessed and have been since I was a little girl! I think in a former life I was a wedding planner - or perhaps I will be later in this one. I can talk to anyone for hours about the vision for their big day and discuss every little detail without ever getting bored. Planning my own wedding was unbelievably fun (for me & my mom - not so much the husband!) and I wish I could do it all again ten times over!

When I’m not painting, I love baking and dancing (not necessarily at the same time but occasionally, it happens!) My repertoire includes the perfect brownies, chocolate chunk shortbread, and classic scones. I love riffing on recipes I find online and adding my own twist on a classic… On my list of bakes to try in the near future are carrot cake, tres leches cake, macaroons and creme brulee (not technically baking, I know!).

I’m quite a girly girl (pink flamingo!? you never would have guessed, right?) and I love shopping and watching romantic comedies - You’ve Got Mail, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Date and Notting Hill are some of my favorites. I’m a little bit Royal obsessed and love following the Duchesses Meghan and Kate, and Princesses Eugenie and Charlotte. I love their effortless grace, style and poise.

My husband and I watch a lot of TV together while working on our respective passions (I don’t so much WATCH TV as listen to it, while doodling) and my favorite things to watch are Outlander (have read all of the books, multiple times!), Gilmore Girls and The Great British Bakeoff. I recently listened to all of the Harry Potter audio books (Stephen Fry, not Jim Dale) and rewatched the movies - book over movie every time!

Any other questions? Send me a note!

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